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Welcome to Signature Home Sales

We are a small boutique brokerage with a Mantra...  

Exceeding Client Expectations! 

We believe that our work ethic speaks for itself as we share data with potential clients that demonstrates an average of 13 days on the market for our listings before receiving offers.  You will learn how we do this the more you peruse our site. 

See data here.

A myth we would like to dispell is that there is more power working with an agent affiliated with a large brokerage firm.  These are facts to be aware of when choosing an agent to assist you:

  • There is no incentive financially for an agent to sell an in-house (same brokerage firm) listing.  So expecting all the agents with a large brokerage to have your home in mind at all times is not reality.  The agent who ends up bringing you a buyer is the agent working with the buyer who wants your house.  He/she could be with any brokerage firm and learns about your house via the Internet and the thousands of websites your listing feeds out to.
  • Admin/Junk fees - we have seen agents charge their clients from $395 to $795 in addition to receiving their commission earned.  This fee should be disclosed when you first meet.  But perhaps you weren't listening carefully or you didn't understand that this fee you are being charged is a "junk" fee or you just weren't comfortable confronting them about this fee.  Do you want to work with an agent who would charge you a junk fee or who would allow a lender to charge you one?  Perhaps they try to charge you and you tell them no.  So, they go ahead and take it out of their commission.  Is this an agent you want to work with that they would even bring it up as a cost to you and put you in such an uncomfortable situation?
  • Many large brokerage firms do not allow their agents to accept less than 2.5% commission.  There are listings frequently lower than this on the buyer agent side and several builders who pay much less than this.  Guess who pays the difference?  You do.  At Signature Home Sales, we accept the commission offered in the MLS.
  • Most agents secure an outside staging firm to assist them in preparing your home for sale to maximize the appeal to the masses which makes their job easier.  Sometimes this amounts to thousands of dollars!  Guess who pays for the staging?  You do.  We stage for free with limitations.

These facts alone are enough to ask yourself what is the added-value these agents provide that justifies these additional costs to work with them?

As a buyer or a seller, you want an agent on your side who is truly on your side.  You should now understand what we mean by that.  We look at every opportunity to maximize your dollars at the end of the day.  Afterall, this is most likely one of the single largest investments you will make and every dollar counts.  We will negotiate so that you receive what you want and need and appreciate that you don't ask us for a portion of our paycheck since we do everything we can to maximize your dollars for you!

Brock and I will put our knowledge and experience to work to help make your move educational, enlightening and financially beneficial.  So, make your choice wisely.  The agent you choose will help you make many important decisions.  You will find that we work from a strategic mindset which is what you need in this competitive marketplace.  Take a moment and Google our name for testimonials or reviews that were posted by our clients.  Testimonials are a measure of what you can expect as a client.  You want competence, trust, and integrity.  You must have confidence that your agent will serve as your greatest asset who is continously protecting your hard-earned dollars!

We look forward to your call so we can get acquainted!

Cathy Chapman, Broker


Brock Chapman, Real Estate Investor & Guide

Cathy Chapman

Broker's License #: 526330 Direct: 301.514.6839 Office: 301.620.9880

9404 Birchwood Ct W Frederick, MD 21701

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When buying a home, there's none more important than the person you choose to represent you. We'll explain the process of buying your new home, and guide you through all the ups and downs and get closed on time.

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