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As a buyer or seller you want your real estate transactions to go smoothly with a clear understanding of the process from start to finish.  That means finding the most competent agent to assist you so that you find the exact home you're looking for and time the settlement to work within your time parameters.  In addition, your agent must be savvy enough to guide you to selling your home in a timely manner for the highest possible price.  It means not having to worry about anything.  


HomeAdvisor Screened & ApprovedTo achieve these objectives for a seller, you need an experienced professional who understands that strategy is necessary to reach a specific objective whether it be a certain price point or the timing of a sale.  At Signature Home Sales, they put their knowledge and experience to work to develop the strategic steps necessary to carry out the client's objective(s).  Making your choice wisely means having the right agent to guide you in making many important decisions.  No one will work harder than Broker, Cathy Chapman or any of her affiliates at Signature Home Sales!  Their mantra is "Exceeding client expectations."  One of the ways the Signature Home Sales brokerage Exceeds Client Expectations is by providing a Color, Redesign and Staging Consultation at no cost when buying or selling with Signature Home Sales.*



Helping homeowners create residual income!

"I am ready to assist you no matter what you are looking to do - invest and hold, rehab and flip, commercial investing and more!  Give me a call to learn about how I invest my money into a homeowners property in order to help them create residual income.  I also guide clients to preparing their home for the market for top dollar!

—Brock Chapman




Loving what I do!

"With color, redesign and staging my greatest passion, I give clients this Added-Value Service at no cost because I love doing it!  It's a win/win all the way around!  My clients win with a beautifully designed and staged home both on the sale and then on their new home purchase.  And I win because I get to do what I love ...with a steady stream of business that moves quickly from one project to the next.  It can't get much better than this for all parties to the contract!  And the friends, referrals and other connections I make in the icing on the cake!"

—Cathy Chapman




Check out the Testimonials page for past client reviews.  This is a measure of what you can expect as their client!  Brock, Cathy and their affiliates look forward to your call and getting to know you! 


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* offered to non-referral seller and buyer clients.


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